Mental Health Podcasts

Whether you’re trying to break mental health stigma or need some advice, these podcasts are a great resource. From personal experiences to expert insights, they cover a range of topics.

Mental Health

Gretchen Rubin’s laid-back family-style podcast covers a variety of strategies for becoming happier, including breaking negative habits like climate anxiety and social media addiction. Keep reading the article below to learn more about Mental Health Podcasts.

Podcasts are a great way to boost mental health while accelerating personal growth and offering entertainment. Many authors, public speakers, and other personalities host podcasts on topics like spiritual health, entrepreneurship, mindfulness, and recovery. Some even specialize in mental health. With insightful musings and interviews spanning various platforms, these podcasts offer insights and research to help you manage your mental health. Podcasts are easy to listen to anywhere, whether on your walk to work or while you’re driving or running errands.

Joshua’s empathetic approach and expert guests make this a must-listen for anyone interested in learning how to overcome their fears and build inner strength. With episodes on a range of subjects, the show delves into real-life stories, scientific research, and innovative strategies that empower you to reframe your challenges as an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

This is a great podcast for anyone who feels isolated or alone, as the hosts and guest speakers share their own experiences of living with various mental illnesses. It also breaks down stigmas and fosters a sense of community, which can be important for your mental health.

While the podcast hasn’t been updated in a while, it offers insight on how to cultivate a more mindful and thriving lifestyle through meditation. The episodes are short, between 5-10 minutes long, and easy to follow along with. This is a great choice for people who struggle to find the time and energy to do longer sessions of mindfulness. Guests include experts in positive psychology, nutritionists, yoga instructors, and coaches. They discuss how mindfulness is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and share their own personal experiences with the practice.

Other People’s Problems

Whether you’re seeking insight into your own mental well-being or looking to help a friend in need, these podcasts may provide the support you need. While nothing can replace a therapist, these audio programs offer insights into the human mind and techniques that can be used in conjunction with professional care. From guided meditations to conversations with psychologists, each program on this list can be a helpful tool in helping you sort out your feelings and find the path to a healthier lifestyle.

This popular podcast gives listeners a front row seat to what is normally a vulnerable, intimate, and confidential process: a therapy session. In each episode, therapist Hillary McBride sits alongside her consenting clients and helps them work through their problems. The result is an illuminating series that’s often moving and can be helpful for people who are considering therapy but aren’t sure what it will actually be like.

Each episode features a different client’s story. For example, Megan struggles to cope with her husband’s addiction and their recent separation. She’s also struggling to navigate her role as a mother and feel like she’s failing. Her anxiety is skyrocketing as she approaches the anniversary of her brother’s death. Her therapist helps her begin to heal the unresolved guilt she’s carried for decades.

The hosts of this podcast talk about their own struggles with depression and anxiety, and they interview guests who’ve experienced a variety of mental health issues. From eating disorders to bipolar disorder, the conversations on this show can be a helpful reminder that we’re not alone and that there are many ways to get better. The casual chatter on this podcast, coupled with the use of humor, makes for a light-hearted approach to potentially difficult topics.

Psychology in 10 Minutes

Whether you want to learn about anxiety on your commute or explore the latest findings in neuroscience during your morning jog, a variety of psychology podcasts are available for you to listen to. These podcasts often feature therapists, psychologists, behavioral scientists, and authors who break down complex topics in easy-to-understand language.

One of the most popular mental health podcasts features a host with a Master’s degree in applied positive psychology, which is based on scientific research to help people thrive without dwelling on negative emotions. The host, Kristen Truempy, uses her professional training and experience to share practical advice and strategies on overcoming issues like perfectionism, resentment, and self-criticism.

Another wildly popular podcast follows the story of one case over multiple episodes, exploring how trauma affects the mind and body in the individuals involved. This unique approach to a psychological podcast is both fascinating and enlightening, and allows the audience to become a part of the investigation.

The Anxiety Coaches Podcast has a huge following, with over 12 million downloads. This podcast combines interviews and expert advice from nutritionist and anxiety coach Gina Ryan with tips from behavioral science to create an accessible and informative series.

Psych in 10 Minutes is short on time but big on insight. In each episode, a different expert breaks down their own experiences with the same issue in the hope that it will resonate with listeners. Insights on everything from narcissism to codependency can be heard in these short and punchy episodes.

Closer to Fine

Closer to Fine is a new podcast that tackles mental health topics that most people shy away from at the dinner table. Featuring two best friends—author Mary Katherine Backstrom and influencer Sara Farrell Baker—the series is an incredibly candid, sometimes uncomfortable discussion of the good, bad, ugly, and things most of us have the sense to keep quiet about. From church hurt and setting boundaries to codependency and dieting, the women bring their irreverent humor and deep empathy to a difficult yet uplifting conversation.

A popular chart-topper, this podcast offers first-person narratives and introspective discussions with experts on some of the most challenging issues we face in life. It covers everything from narcissism to childhood emotional neglect and mental illness. Guests include comedians and actors, as well as psychologists and doctors.

The Ten Percent Happier franchise started with a book by Dan Harris, a self-described meditation skeptic who had a panic attack on live television, and has since grown to include an app and this podcast. He interviews top meditation teachers and researchers to help listeners find happiness and calm in their lives through small, incremental changes. Guests range from His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Brene Brown to Karamo from Queer Eye.

Psychologist and writer Rich Roll has been on the scene as an ultra-endurance athlete and wellness advocate for a while, so it’s no surprise his podcast explores many of the same topics. His conversations are candid and insightful, as he discusses how his own struggles with addiction, depression and anxiety have informed his views on health and wellness.

Therapy for Black Girls

As mental health podcasts continue to grow in popularity, more therapists are working to make their services available for people from a variety of backgrounds. However, it’s still a challenge for many to find a therapist who looks like them or understands their experiences.

To combat this, many online therapy platforms allow their clients to connect with therapists who share the same background or culture from the comfort of their home. Using scientifically based methods and intelligent technology, these platforms can match their clients with compassionate therapists that fit their specific needs.

The “Therapy for Black Girls” podcast is a weekly conversation about all things mental wellness and personal development that empowers women of color. The show is hosted by Joy Harden Bradford, a licensed clinical psychologist. In addition to the podcast, the site also offers TBG merch and a sister circle that supports women of color through community building and discussion about social issues.

Another popular mental health podcast is the Psych Central series called Inside Mental Health. This podcast helps to demystify the field of psychology and mental health by focusing on the everyday struggles and challenges of people living with mental illnesses. It features experts and celebrities as well as regular guests who share their stories of dealing with a variety of mental health issues.

Finally, if you are interested in learning more about the role that racism plays in mental health, try listening to NPR’s Code Switch podcast. The series shares conversations about a range of topics, from the legacy of lynchings to covert forms of anti-Semitism in popular culture. The podcasts above, as well as the ones not mentioned, are great tools to help listeners feel more confident and capable of facing life’s challenges. However, it’s important to remember that podcasts should never be used as a substitute for real-world treatment with a therapist.